2014 Event


Vision Dance Encounter in Toronto, Canada was the first fusion WCS-Zouk event in North America. In our first year, tickets were 98% sold out! The feedback we heard from both the Zouk and WCS communities was absolutely amazing.

Highlights included:

The Vision Gala: “See Inside Me” dance production and “Dessert in the Dark Experience”

The feature-length “See Inside Me” dance production was created specially for VDE 2014, and featured international dance stars, local talent, and the first blind Brazilian Zouk dancers in the world. Mixing theatre, dance, and a compelling story, “See Inside Me” and the accompanying blindfolded “Dessert in the Dark” experience were hailed the Crown Jewel of VDE 2014.

The production was debut to rave reviews – and will now be going on tour! We have expanded our roster of dancers and plan on touring the show to many different locations in the upcoming year. We saw both performers and audience members alike cry, laugh and take an emotional journey as the story of Nikki unfolded.

Featured artists Kadu & Larissa (Zouk) and Jordan & Tatiana (WCS) contributed to a spectacular show alongside dZouk performers – and of course the blind Vision Dancers George, Ramya and Brandon.


The dance community’s response to VDE’s workshops was extremely strong. Almost every single review across dance levels rated the workshops either 4 or 5/5 on the online survey, with high marks for both the WCS/Zouk crossover workshops, the Crash Courses, and the “Home Genre” education!

Between Jordan & Tatiana, Stephen White & Sonya Dessureault, Kadu & Larissa, Mafie Zouker, Julie Epplett, and Darius Zi & Laura Riva, VDE 2014 boasted an impressive roster, and featured very targeted, hands-on learning with some of the best names in the business.

Epic Parties:

Every night, the social dancers at VDE 2014 danced their hearts out until 4a.m! Artist Demos, Rising Stars Showcase, Competition Finals, and the unforgettable Artist Battle – Zouk vs WCS helped to raise the bar (and energy) even higher during the evenings. Our fantastic line-up of DJ’s kept the rooms at peak energy all night long.

Vision Dance Encounter also hosted the first North American Swouk night on Sunday, fusing both rooms into one GIANT dance space full of both WCS and Zouk dancers!

Jack n Jill Competitions

VDE 2014 was the first North American event to offer both Zouk and WCS Jack n Jill Competitions. The competitions featured great prizes to be won, had no entry fee, and gave dancers a chance to compete in a new dance style. Even better: for every minute a dancer competed, dZouk matched minutes to donate lessons to the blind! These minutes were used to teach blind youth participating in a music camp during the summer of 2014

Contributions to the Blind and Partially Sighted Community:

VDE 2014 made a substantial donation to the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) to support those living with full and partial vision loss. Furthermore, CNIB found dancing to be such a strong rehabilitation program that they are eager to expand the program to encompass a far bigger portion of the blind community!

As a result of the work of VDE, we were able to offer dance workshops to blind and partially sighted youth participating in the “Views” Music Camp. Directors from a national school for the blind were so happy with the results of this brief program that they expressed a strong desire to create a school dance program geared at getting the children dancing at school.

The “Vision Dancers” attended, performed in, and social danced in their first dance congress – one of the first times blind dancers have been successfully integrated into a large-scale event.

Commitment to the Future

We are eagerly planning our next event, taking careful note of all the feedback we received from patrons. This includes:

  • Creating an even better Workshop Schedule (Possibly more Fusion and more Original Style Workshops!)
  • Making the music and dancing even better!
  • Continuing our mission with the Blind and Partially Sighted community
  • Streamlining the competition structure for both Zouk and WCS Jack n Jill divisions

Thank you for supporting the first year of Vision Dance Encounter, and we look forward to hosting you at our future events!