Our Dreams Are Coming True

The Vision Dancers were featured at the CNIB Gala at the Granite Club on Mar 1st. They danced beside Darius & Laura and proved that blind and partially sighted people can dance. Members of corporate Canada and government officials, including the Premier of Ontario, attended this gala. dZouk Productions is proud to have had the opportunity to present Brazilian Zouk and the Vision Dancers to such a high level audience.

We were thrilled by the reaction of the audience: “This is very inspiring,” “Where is Zouk from? We have never seen this dance before,” “This dance was so smooth, like watching Olympic ice-skating,” “We need to get more kids involved in this. You are making a difference, can’t wait to see this program grow!”

YES, we will grow this program! Our next dream is to greatly increase public awareness about Vision Dance Encounter and Brazilian Zouk. Stay tuned.

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