Workshops-Vision-Dance-Encounter-2015Designed with Zouk and WCS dancers in mind, our workshops will enhance your social dancing and style. Vision is the ONLY event in North America where you can get the best in WCS and Zouk education with professionals who know both genres!


  • The TOP instructors in both West Coast Swing and Zouk!
    • Jordan and Tatiana (WCS)
    • Kadu and Larissa (Zouk)
    • Renata and Jorge (Zouk)
    • Maxence and Virginie (WCS)
    • Kakah (WCS & Zouk)
  • Dedicated workshops in both genres – a FULL workshop experience even if you only dance one genre!
    • Zouk and WCS workshops!
  • Crash Courses in both WCS and Zouk for those starting in the new style!


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