WCS Experience

  Jordan & Tatiana!

THE most sought-after couple in the world
are coming to inspire and teach!

  Maxence & Virginie!

Learn from and have the chance to dance with
THE hottest European WCS couple!


 15 Hours of WCS Workshops!

  • 2 hour of Newcomer crash course
  • 6 hours of Novice/Intermediate workshops
  • 5 hours of Intermediate/Advanced workshops
  • 2 BONUS optional Funk and Playful workshops: fuse your WCS and Zouk
  • Top Notch Instruction by: Jason & Annmarie Marker, Nelson Clarke, Melissa Rollins, Chris & Melissa Moy, and Chris Van Houten

Workshop Schedule


 3 Nights of WCS Dancing!

  • Dedicated WCS room Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday nights!
  • Music by Marlin (MI), Phouvanh (MTL), Joanna (TO), Shelley (TO), and Kakah: the top Brazilian WCS DJ
  • Dance to live music performed by Rosana Filipe and Roger Becketon Saturday night
  • Free to check out Zouk in the 2nd ballroom every night

Party Themes

Vision Dance Encounter-Vision Gala

 Free WCS Competitions!

  • Compete for free! Show your stuff!
  • Choose your role: Compete as a WCS lead or follow
  • Offering Novice, newcomer and Intermediate JnJ divisions
  • Aiming for 60+ competitors to get WSDC designation for 2016
  • Try a new dance: Newcomer Zouk JnJ just for new dancers with BZDC points!

Competition Rules

 All for only $160 CAD!

  • That’s $120 USD
  • Proceeds go towards CNIB to help those living with vision loss.
  • So, be GOOD and give through DANCE!!!

Ticket Options


 Vision Gala: an Unforgettable Experience

  • Blindfolded adventure with sculptures by blind artists
  • Dance production featuring routines by Jordan and Tatiana, Maxence and Virginie, Vision Dancers, and other top artists – including SYTYCD Australia choreographers!
  • Available separately as the Vision Gala or through the Vision Pass.
  • Be MOVED and make a difference!

Gala Program


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  Event Schedule


 Buy Your Pass

  • Limited Tickets Offered
  • ONLY 50 Leads and 50 Follows