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Help Others Feel the Light…
As dancers, we know first hand what a powerful effect music and connection can have on our lives. From slowing some forms of memory loss to healing both the mind and body, the benefits are almost limitless. It is time to extend this beyond our current dance communities, and share this gift with those who are blind or partially sighted.

Vision Dance Encounter wants to bring the benefits of dance to those living with partial or full vision loss. With or without sight, it is still possible to feel the music and enjoy the same connection we all feel on a regular basis. Whether through using dance to enrich the lives of those with vision loss, or fundraisers generously supported by the dance community, there are no shortages of ways to help.

All proceeds from Vision Dance Encounter will be donated to CNIB to support rehabilitation and support services for those with vision loss. We all spend money to dance and feel connected to each other. Let us now connect to something more.

…While You See the Dark
It makes a cause much more meaningful if one can actually ‘see’ from someone else’s perspective. Our “See Inside Me” dance production aims to let people feel just how challenging it can be to live with vision loss, and how important it is to have the strong support of those around them.

Featuring top dance stars from around the world, the world’s first blind Zouk dancers, and tons of local talent, “See Inside Me” combines the best in theatre and dance to create a jaw-dropping, intensely moving experience that you won’t see anywhere else.

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