The Event

What Is Vision Dance Encounter?

At A Glance:

Enriching the Lives of Dancers:

  • The first crossover West Coast Swing and Brazilian Zouk event in North America
  • A unique educational experience in both West Coast Swing and Zouk
  • Get up close and intimate with your favourite dance stars – limited tickets = more exposure to the stars!!

Making a Difference through Dance:

  • A non-profit event in support of CNIB and those living with full and partial vision loss
  • The debut of the world’s first blind and partially sighted Brazilian Zouk dancers in a major dance production
  • An opportunity to educate the general public about the impact partner dance can have on blind, partially sighted, and fully sighted people throughout the world

Vision Dance Encounter was born when dZouk Productions recognized the revolutionary way dance can heal and enrich the lives of the blind and partially sighted community. They are partnering with CNIB and their generous event sponsors to use dance to create a strong, positive impact on partially sighted or blind individuals. Dance has the ability to touch the lives of people in a profound, healing, and beautiful way. This event will illustrate how the power of dance can affect people of all abilities and walks of life.

Vision Dance Encounter is also the first hybrid West Coast Swing and Brazilian Zouk event in North America. For years, top professionals of both genres have been fusing the two styles to create beautiful pieces of choreography. Now, Vision Dance Encounter is endeavoring to bring great, pure WCS and Zouk education to the floor, while enriching each dance with the best aspects of the other.

Vision Dance Encounter is unique because it is far more than just another dance event. It travels beyond dance, becoming a chance to make a difference, an educational weekend, a matchless party, and providing star-studded entertainment in one.

Mission Statement

Vision Dance Encounter’s mission is to enrich the lives of blind and partially sighted individuals through exposure to dance, to support CNIB and and to raise awareness about the power of dance through our “See Inside Me” production. The event also seeks to equally enrich the Brazilian Zouk and West Coast Swing dance communities by providing education and an unforgettable program for dancers.

Official Press Release

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