DJ Mafie Zouker Brazil (NeoZouk) grooveshark

Mafie Zouker is the world’s most famous Zouk DJ. He is the creator of the style known as NeoZouk, which focuses primarily on continuous movement danced to trance-like music. Mafie is a master of remixing tracks to create musical masterpieces. One of his greatest treats for dancers is mixing music live at congresses. He will take dancers on the floor through an epic trance journey with his unique music.

Kadu DJ Australia (Zouk/Swouk) website

Kadu DJ is one of the most well known Zouk DJ’s. He regularly plays at congresses all over the world, making dancers move all night. Since 2012, Kadu has starting singing and has released his own album. His songs and remixes are played in most Zouk parties. Kadu is also familiar with the concept of Swouk fusion nights (West Coast Swing and Zouk), and understands what music is friendly to both genres.


DJ-NYX-Vision-Dance-EncounterDJ NYX Florida (Zouk) website

Nyx, from Miami Beach, FL, is currently one of the most successful Zouk DJs in the world. With a musical and technical structure exceeding 15 years, Nyx has grasped the public’s attention with his eclectic set-list and charisma, reaching out to all the styles and variations of the dance.

Nyx is a musician, choreographer, instructor, vocalist, DJ, sound enginner, Musical Producer and Graphics Designer. At the age of 8, he already had piano lessons and throughout the years attended music and audio production schools that include The Sdoia-Satz Music Institute and also The University of Miami School Of Music.

DJ Darius Toronto (Zouk/Swouk) website

Darius has traveled the globe to put together his fine selection of current Zouk music. He DJ’s internationally and locally, at congresses and events in Canada, Russia, Poland, Germany, and Holland. Darius is recognized for his ability to ‘read the crowd’ and select the best music for any event’s dancers.



DJ Stéphane France (WCS/Swouk) website

DJ Stéphane is a regular player in the Montreal West Coast Swing scene. His funky sounds will have all the dancers up on their feet, and his understanding of both WCS and Zouk music make him a perfect fit for a fusion event!



DJ-OldsKOOL-DaCube-Vision-Dance-EncounterDJ’s OldsKOOL and DaCube Ottawa (WCS) facebook page

Canada’s West Coast Swing DJ tag team knows how to keep Westies begging for more, more, more! Andre and Donnie work together to create DJ tag-team, OldsKOOL and DaCube! They DJ West Coast Swing, mixed Swing and Hustle dances, events and competitions.


DJ-Erin-Vision-Dance-EncounterErin June Toronto (Fusion WCS/Zouk)

The Zouk-WCS Fusion night at Vision Dance Encounter would not be complete without the best Fusion Music Selector in Toronto – Erin June! Come hear her amazing Zouk-WCS set at VDE!



DJ-Jules-Vision-Dance-EncounterDJ Jules Montreal (Zouk) Website

Jules is the pioneer in promoting Brazilian Zouk in Montreal. He has a passion for the fusion of different dance genres. As a dancer of several styles, Jules has a great appreciation for music and plays songs to make you move with high energy. Jules is also the organizer of the InterFusion Dance Congress in Montreal that includes Zouk and WCS.



Dj mixer with headphonesDJ Raj Hotchandani Boston (WCS)

Known for his creative and entertaining style, Raj has been dancing since 2002. Raj initially started with Lindy Hop but has become a talented instructor and competitor in West Coast Swing, Salsa and Bachata. Although Raj is a scientist by profession, he still finds time to travel the country to satiate his love for dance and enhance his knowledge about various dance forms. He loves West Coast Swing tremendously. Currently, he has been exploring Zouk and Kizomba to add to his dance vocabulary. Raj loves sharing his passion on and off the dance floor. He consistently DJs locally and nationally for West Coast Swing, Zouk, Kizomba, Salsa, Bachata and other international genres of music. Last but not the least, Raj makes sure that everyone is comfortable and having fun. Raj is also available to teach private lessons in WCS.


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