Darius Zi

Darius-Zi-Vision-Dance-EncounterDarius Zi is the founder and artistic director of dZouk Productions. He dances, choroegraphs, performs, teaches and DJ’s Brazilian Zouk internationally. He is well-known for his musicality and ability to train highly technical dancers. Perhaps the best testament to his skills as a teacher can be seen in his partner Laura Riva, whom he has trained in Brazilian Zouk.

Darius is also an international level Salsa dancer. After performing with Salsa Team Canada in 2009, he hungered for a new challenge. He discovered Zouk at a Salsa congress and was immediately hooked. Darius travelled the world to learn Zouk from the masters. He then returned to Canada, where he sought to spread the love of Zouk and founded dZouk Productions; the first Brazilian Zouk performance troupe in Canada. Through dZouk, he has the opportunity to showcase Canadian Zoukers on stage both locally and internationally. His choreographies frequently push the boundaries of Zouk, and he regularly fuses it with other forms of dance including contemporary, ballet, classical Indian dance, Salsa, Hip Hop, and more.

Throughout his 15 years of dance experience, Darius has tried almost every style of dance. A little-known fact is that the very first partner dance he tried in 1998 was actually Swing. Although WCS did not become his primary dance genre at the time, Darius is now exploring the fusion possibilities between West Coast Swing and Zouk. So far, the results have been dynamic and fantastic!

Dairus’s passion for dance leads him to strive to be a community leader. Recently, Darius and Laura began working with partially sighted and blind individuals to bring social dance to a whole new group of people.

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