Laura Riva

Laura-Riva-Vision-Dance-EncounterLaura Riva is an instructor and performer with dZouk Productions in Toronto, Canada. She and her partner Darius Zi perform locally and internationally, and run regular educational programs in the Toronto area. Laura is also the Salsa and Zouk instructor for the University of Western Ontario, where she runs a student team and teaches regular classes.

Since 2007, Laura has learned and experimented with several genres of partner dancing. Within her first year, she became a regular fixture of her local dance scene. From the very beginning, Laura has pushed herself to master both leading and following in all her dance genres. She is frequently sought after as both a lead and follow on the social floor! Laura is also responsible for promoting and spreading all genres of partner dance through both writing and encouraging new dancers to join the community.

Laura’s first style of dance was Salsa. As she became more involved in the scene and sought to grow as a dancer, Laura began to travel 3-4 times a week to Toronto from about an hour away. She also began to experiment with other forms of dance, dabbling in Lindy Hop, Blues, Tango and others before discovering West Coast Swing and Zouk in the fall of 2011. After about a year of social dancing, Darius Zi recognized her potential and offered her the opportunity to train in Brazilian Zouk. The two are now partners, who travel, teach, and perform together regularly. Laura is committed to growing her skills as both an instructor and dancer, travelling both internationally and investing in her growth locally.

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