West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing is categorized as an American street dance, which evolved over last 50 years or so from the traditional Swing, Lindy Hop. It is danced in a “slotted” format, meaning the ‘follower’ travels up and down the slot while the ‘lead’ moves only slightly at the midpoint.  West Coast Swing emphasizes the lines of the leg, and an elastic connection between partners.

This is a dance that is constantly evolving. It is possible to dance West Coast Swing to almost any genre of music from any decade, and it frequently adopts movements from other dance styles. Hustle, Tango, Zouk, Contemporary and Hip Hop are just some of the dances that West Coast Swing has used as a source of inspiration and growth. Focused on improvisation and musical interpretation, it is a very versatile and free partner dance. Almost any nightclub or wedding will play music appropriate for West Coast Swing dancing.

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