WCS Intensive with Stephen White

Intensive-Course-with-Stephen-White-Vision-Dance-EncounterWant to prepare yourself for the weekend and maximize your West Coast Swing skills?

Join Stephen White for a 2-night intimate intensive WCS course! Learn technique, combinations, musicality, and styling from Florida’s best over 5 hours of intimate coaching in a small group of dancers! This course is designed for WCS dancers with an existing ability to social dance comfortably. This is not a beginner course.

Stephen White is a very strong technical dancer, capable of breaking down complex and difficult concepts to dancers quickly and efficiently.

This course is in support of Vision Dance Encounter. Based on the type of VDE pass you buy, prices for the intensive are as follows:

  • Vision Pass Holder: $45 (ONLY $9/hr!!)
  • Full Pass Holder: $50 (ONLY $10/hr!!)
  • Dancer Pass Holder: $60 ($12/hr)
  • Party Pass Holder: $80 ($16/hr)
  • No pass: $120 ($24/hr) This is ONLY available as a wait-list option, after all pass holders have had the chance to enroll in the course.

Max. 10 leads, 10 follows!
Level: Novice +
Wednesday, May 14 7-10pm, Dovercourt House 2nd Floor
Thursday, May 15 6:45-8:45, Dovercourt House Basement
Address: Dovercourt House, 805 Dovercourt Road, Toronto

*the organizers reserve the right to determine if participants are at a sufficient level to participate in the course before registration.

Take the opportunity to get the most out of Vision Dance Encounter! Reserve your spot before it sells out!

How to Register:

  1. Book your Vision Dance Encounter Ticket
  2. Contact us or e-mail us at vision @ dzouk.com and pass along your ticket number. We will get back to you.