WCS Workshops



Improve your West Coast Swing, and take the opportunity to learn about the possibilities for fusing it with Brazilian Zouk! These workshops will introduce current Westies to a new dance, refine your West Coast Swing, and give you new skills to apply to your current social dancing.

Want to stick to West Coast Swing, without the crossover? That’s fine! You will still get the benefit of targeted West Coast Swing workshops with Jordan & Tatiana, and other world class instructors!


  • The chance to learn from the Best of the Best at an intimate event!
  • Workshops designed to give you the best education possible!


WCS Education- Refine Your Skills
Learn from our stars Jordan and Tatiana, as well as other talented instructors, as they solidify your WCS technique and expand your dance repertoire. Over the weekend, four hours will be devoted to improving and strengthening your West Coast Swing dancing.

Crash Course- Experience Brazilian Zouk
Enjoy a 3-hour Crash Course in Zouk, designed to kick-start your social dancing. The Crash Course is taught by instructors who have an understanding of both WCS and Zouk. They have designed this course specifically for Westies by using concepts and language familiar to WCS dancers.

Unique Opportunities – Master Swouk
In this challenging two hours, you will learn Zouk techniques that can be applied to West Coast Swing. Learn the secrets of Zouk upper-body movement from Kadu and Larissa, and then learn from Jordan and Tatiana how to incorporate these movements into your own dancing.

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