Zouk Workshops

Designed with Zouk dancers in mind, our workshops will enhance your social dancing and style!

  • Learn from the BEST of the BEST!
  • Offering only the highest quality Zouk workshops!

Hardcore Zouk Education – Enhance Your Zouk with 3 Hours of Workshops with Kadu and Larissa
Take this rare opportunity to improve your Zouk technique and repertoire. You will get to spend 3 hours with Kadu and Larissa. Experience how they can revolutionize your Zouk!

New Zouk Experience – Neo Zouk with Mafie Zouker
What better way is there to experience the amazing, hypnotic and sensual flow of Neo Zouk than with its creator, Mafie Zouker? On Sunday morning, become immersed in the continuous movement of Neo Zouk. 

Zouk and Beyond
Learn tips and techniques from Jordan and Tatiana that can take your Zouk to the next level. Understand how concepts used in their dancing can enrich your Zouk.

*Bonus* West Coast Swing Crash Course
Learn how to feel a new kind of flow and prepare for Sunday Night Swouk with Kadu DJ. Taught by a WCS instructor who has trained in Zouk under Carlos da Silva!

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