Thinking of coming to Vision Dance Encounter? Need a little more information? See if the answer to your question is posted below! If you cannot find the information you need, please e-mail us at vision @ dzouk.com

Are all of the workshops taught involving fusion?
No. In each genre, five hours are spent on material from your chosen genre. Each track has one hour of workshops devoted to learning a technique from the other dance which is already being fused into your dance’s social dancing. We simply give you the opportunity to learn the technique from the best of the best!

Can I switch between Zouk and WCS workshop tracks?
This year, we ask stay in your selected workshop track. In order to control workshop size, we ask that dancers stay in their chosen track. If you are fluent in both genres and are interested in switching back and forth, please e-mail us directly. If spaces are still available, a limited number of dancers may be able to move between genres.

I only want to dance one genre. Will I still get something out of this event?
Yes. We still have plenty of home genre education. While we do encourage everyone to embrace this unique opportunity, you are welcome to come to the event and enjoy your original style without engaging fully with the other genre.

I don’t know which pass to buy. How do I decide? Do I need to buy the most expensive pass?
First, you need to decide if you want to participate in the groundbreaking Vision Gala experience. If you do, you need a Full or Vision pass.  If you want to participate in the weekend dance activities only, the Dancer Pass is for you. A Dancer Pass is only $140, which includes competitions, workshops, and dancing.

Will I be able to use what I learn from the other style in my own genre’s social dancing?
Yes. Both these dances are already being inspired by each other on the social floor – even if you haven’t formally learned it! Top pro’s use principles of both dances to enrich and add creativity to their movements. All the things taught in the workshops are leadable/followable, and you can use them in your social dancing!

Can I buy passes at the door?
As a very intimate event, we are anticipating that we may reach capacity before the event. If there are spaces still available, Dancer and Night passes will be available at the door. We strongly recommend buying your pass ahead of time to avoid disappointment. Please note, Gala, Full, and Vision passes are not available at the door because we need to submit food orders ahead of time.

Who are the Vision Dancers?
The Vision Dancers are the first blind and partially sighted Brazilian Zouk dancers and performers in the world. They are performing a choreography publicly for the first time at Vision Dance Encounter in the Gala, alongside Jordan & Tatiana and Kadu & Larissa.

When are Jordan & Tatiana and Kadu & Larissa Performing?
Our featured artists will be performing their routines in the Vision Gala.

Do I need to purchase a Gala Ticket to watch just the “See Inside Me” production?
Yes. This is our primary means of fundraising for our charity, and limited spaces are available. If you would like to see the production, we highly recommend buying a Full Pass for maximum value.

Are the prices in Canadian dollars?
Yes. All prices are in CDN$.

How do I book privates with the instructors? Can I book privates without attending the event?
Attendees of the event are given strong preference when booking private lessons. Please e-mail us directly for more details.

Can I volunteer?
There are limited volunteer opportunities. Please e-mail vision @ dzouk.com for more information.