It’s time to bring out your inner show-off!

Competition is a great way to demonstrate just how much fun you can have dancing. And, with a Jack n’ Jill format, there’s no choreography or preparation necessary. Both your partner and musical selection are random!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned WCS veteran but have just learned Zouk, or vice versa. The competitions are divided by level, which ensures that you are competing against other dancers with a similar experience level to your own. We encourage dancers from one genre to compete in the Newcomer/Beginner division of the opposite genre after the Saturday Crash Course.

All you need to do is register your name, and get dancing! There is no competition fee for competing in either or both genres – everything is included in your Dancer, Full or Vision Pass!

On registration, you will be asked if you wish to compete, and in what level. This option applies to your “main genre” for the event. When you arrive at Vision Dance Encounter, you will have the option of also participating in the other competition – which we encourage!

Plus, for every 10 minutes you compete, we will donate 10 minutes of dance lessons to blind and partially sighted students. It’s a great way to give back, have fun, and get the chance to win awesome prizes!


  • 1st Place (WCS Divisions): Pass to a WCS Event PLUS a Shoe Bag courtesy of DanceFeet!
  • 1st Place (Zouk Divisions): Pass to a Zouk Event PLUS a Shoe Bag courtesy of DanceFeet!
  • 2nd Place (All Divisions): Shoe Bag courtesy of DanceFeet

Levels (Zouk)*:

  • Newcomer: Little to no social dance experience.
  • Novice: Limited social dance experience (less than 6 months)
  • Intermediate: Solid social dance experience  (6-12 months)
  • Advanced: Strong social dance experience (1+ years)
  • All-Star: Instructor or Pre-Instructor level (1.5+ years)

Levels (WCS)*:
We suggest using the WSDC points and leveling system to determine your competition rank. Newcomers with a solid amount of social dance experience are welcome to compete in Novice.

  • Newcomer: Never competed in WCS/New dancer
  • Novice: WSDC level, or a new but steady social dancer
  • Intermediate: WSDC level, or a solid, regular social dancer
  • Advanced: WSDC, or very strong social dancer
  • All-Star: WSDC, or instructor level

*Some levels may be combined depending on registration numbers.


  • Partners and music will be randomly assigned
  • Dips are allowed only in Intermediate + levels
  • No lifts are permitted
  • Have fun!


  • Competitions will have preliminary and final rounds. Smaller levels may progress straight to finals.
  • Partners will rotate during preliminaries. You will dance with one randomly selected partner in finals.
  • Relative Placement will be the scoring system used. More details on Relative Placement can be found on the WSDC website


  • Kadu Pires
  • Larissa Thayane
  • Mafie Zouker (TBC)
  • Jules Bertrand
  • Melodie Gabrielle


  • Shelley Saxena (HJ)
  • Stephen White
  • Sonya Dessureault
  • Stephane Dominguez
  • Joanna Swanson
  • Julie Epplett

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