Evening Parties

Are you ready to leave it all on the floor?
Dancers regularly hit the floor all night at events. This time, let’s do it for a good cause! Party all night long on great dance floors to the HOTTEST DJ’s from both Zouk and WCS. All the weekend parties will take place in Intercontinental’s ballroom on the lower level. Stay at our venue, and you won’t even have to walk outside to get back to bed!

Best of all – we’ll be “clocking” your dance hours all weekend long!
You’ll have a code that you can use to “clock in” and “clock out” of the ballroom. Let the system tally your dance hours, and at the end of the weekend, you’ll know just how long you lasted. The longest-lasting dancer gets a great prize! Can YOU dance 18 hours in 1 weekend?


Friday Night (May 16): Black and White

At the opening party, get ready to party ’til 3 a.m. Workshops don’t start until 10 the next morning, so you’ll *still* have enough time for a decent sleep!

  • 6 Hours of dancing (9pm – 4am)
  • 2 Ballrooms: WCS and Brazilian Zouk
  • Surprise @ 10:30 pm!
  • Theme: Black and White


Saturday Night (May 17): Keepin’ it Classy

After the Vision Gala, join us in the ballrooms from 10pm to 4am for our second great night of social dancing! Put another 6hrs on your clock, and enjoy a dressed-up evening of dancing!

  • 6 Hours of dancing (10pm – 4am)
  • 2 Ballrooms: WCS and Brazilian Zouk
  • Theme: Classy/Dressy*

*Dress code recommendations:

  • Ladies: Dresses (short or long), dress pants with an upscale top,  leggings with a dressy top
  • Gentlemen: Dress shirt, optional vest and/or tie, dress pants


Sunday Night (May 18): Bright Lights

On VDE’s final night, wear your brightest colors to compliment the glow-bracelets we’ll be handing out. Sunday night’s party will be the FIRST Swouk (WCS/Zouk hybrid) party in North America. Whether you want to stick to your own dance, try out your new skills, or mix the two into a delightful fusion, this party is going to be one-of-a-kind epic!

At the start of your night, we will hand you a glow bracelet. There will be three options: Zouk, WCS or Both. When you look around the room, you’ll immediately be able to tell what someone dances. Whether you’re seeking Zouk, West Coast Swing, or Fusion, you’ll know who’s got the moves! It’s also sure to be visually spectacular to see all of the colors mingling in the ballroom.

  • 6 hours of dancing (9pm-4am)
  • 1 LARGE Ballroom: WCS and Zouk!
  • SURPRISE @ 10:30pm
  • Music: Songs that are good for both WCS and Zouk – or Fusion!
  • Identifying wristbands will tell you who dances what genre
  • Theme: Bright colors, neon… the crazier the better!

So what are you waiting for? Buy your ticket now!


All proceeds will be donated to support those living with full or partial vision loss.

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